Solutions Service Trip: Pine Ridge

The Solutions participants traveled to Pine Ridge, South Dakota, to volunteer on Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation.  Our group makes this trip twice per year to partner with a non-profit organization called Re-Member.   The Pine Ridge Reservation spans over 2.8 million acres and is the second largest Native American Indian Reservation, yet in one of the poorest counties of the United States. Volunteers can be shocked to see the harsh, third-world living conditions on the reservations.  It is a culture of poverty like a “Prairie Ghetto.” The population has the second lowest-life expectancy in the Western Hemisphere coupled with staggering high rates of diabetes, alcoholism and suicide. It is common to find homes overcrowded with extended families.  Such overcrowding leads to a shortage of beds and mattresses, leaving children to sleep on the floor. Many homes lack running water, functional bathrooms, or kitchens.  The non-profit, Re-Member, recognizes a need for adequate…

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Jaywalker Service Trip: Houston #2

How many of us can say we have battled and beaten stage 4 cancer? How many of us can say we’ve served this country as a career Marine, spending time on foreign bases far and wide? How many can say they’ve witnessed the oblivion of all they own, thier home destroyed, thier family uprooted, thier way of life shattered in a flood of wind and water known as Harvey. How many can say they’ve stood tall despite all that life has thrown at them, unbowed to the blasts of calamity. We of Solutions had the honor of helping Mr. Gutierrez and his family return to thier home after months of living uprooted. He was with us on the job sight daily, sharing his story, his resolve, his heartfelt gratitude for the work we were doing to bring his family home. He exemplified to all of us what it is to…

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Jaywalker Valentines Service

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Ghandi Over the passed week, I have experienced a few different events involving other people outside of Jaywalker. The one that most stands out to be, was the ability to help a local flower store deliver for Valentines Day. Being able give back to the community was a experience that I will always remember. From delivering to the rich in Aspen, seeing some of the work of art homes that sit on the side of the mountains were truly an eye opener to the amount of money sitting in the valley. But beyond just the extent of the homes, that ability to drive through mountains at which the views were incredible. This day I was grateful to be apart of these peoples lives, showing up and delivering flowers from their loved ones. Excitement and…

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Why The Steps Didn’t Work For Me

Recently, I was helping my parents move and was asked to go through my old stuff, to discard any “junk” and to save anything worth holding onto.  While sifting through the relics of my past, I came across an old journal that I kept as a teen.  I spoke candidly about how it felt to be me; the things that were hard, the things that I was curious about, my perception of the world around me, and my experiences with drugs and alcohol.   As I read, I discovered that even back then, in the genesis of my journey, I was able to see that my use of drugs was a “solution” to a problem that was spiritual in nature; and that this solution, although effective, was only creating more problems in my life. I was taken aback to read this, considering that it took me another 15 years of attempting…

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Jaywalker Blood Donation

Saving lives comes in many forms… Today, Jaywalker employees John Schneier, Pat Shaffer, and Alex Colins donated one liter of blood each to St. Mary’s Hospital Blood Drive. St. Mary’s provides blood from donors to over 18 hospitals around the Colorado area helping to save the lives of countless people in need. We give of ourselves in so many ways in the treatment industry, through our experience, strength, and hope, its an honor to be able to give of ourselves physically.John Schneier Director of Alumni and Marketing

Road Tripping – Texas Hunt

Before sobriety I was passionate about one thing, my next drink or drug. Life did not exist outside of the microcosm that was my addiction. Today, at one month shy of nine years my life is a myriad of amazing adventures. Because I am sober I got to drive to Texas with five Jaywalker alums and bow hunt white tail deer. Sunrise and sunset is consumed with hunting but the hours in between is full of laughing and fellowship. I am forever grateful for the gifts of sobriety and the life I have been given. John Schneier

Alcohol-free tailgate at UT unites Austin’s Sober Community

Jaywalker Lodge founder Bob Ferguson and new collegiate recovery program in Alpha 180 in Austin, Texas recently hosted and sponsored a sober tailgate celebrating recovery and football on campus.   Check out the article posted in The Daily Texan:’s-sober-community

Jaywalker 10th Annual Serenity Scramble

The 10th Anniversary of Jaywalker Lodges Serenity Scramble was a great success! We had a record number of participants and raised over $25,000 for A Way Out. “A Way Out” is a non-profit organization in the Roaring Fork Valley that offers counseling, referrals, addiction assessments, solution oriented treatment plans and financial aid to people that would otherwise not be capable of receiving these services. Elizabeth Means is the Director of A Way Out and serves this organization with incredible professionalism along with its esteemed board of directors. All of us at Jaywalker Lodge are proud to do our small part to help support this purpose driven organization for over a decade now. Our founder Bobby Ferguson, a long- time resident of this valley, aligned himself and his company with A Way Out for good reason years ago and this relationship just continues to grow from year to year. With well…

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Jaywalker Expedition Director – Summits El Capitan

On Monday our Expedition Director Lynn Sanson, my boss/mentor/friend, accomplished a dream.  Lynn Sanson completed the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with his son Tobin.  While completing the rock climb is an amazing feat, I know that this means much more to him than just another ascent of a sheer rock wall. Lynn has been attempting this climb for the last few years, and has had several demoralizing defeats.  Each time, I watched him prepare diligently but come back being humbled by this 3000ft testpiece.  It was hard for me to see someone who is so competent and level headed to come up short. This year, there was a change.  I saw Lynn make some changes to his approach to an already extremely healthy and active lifestyle.  I saw someone who was going to do whatever it took to complete the dream.  In addition,  his son Tobin made some huge progress in his…

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Jaywalker Summer: Strawberry Days 10K & Bailey Hundo

Congratulations to our employee, James Bakehouse, who finished his first ever 10k…and with no training whatsoever!  James finished the Strawberry Shortcut in style with a smile on his face and a grateful heart. I am particularly inspired by James because he had shared with me on the Friday before the race that his last experience of Strawberry Days was from when he was using.  This time though, James was sober, grateful for life, and he got the early bird special running 6.2 miles at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning. James was joined in the race by Amber Bate (wife of our Chief of Clinical Operations), Jeff Kremer (former long-time Chief of Clinical Operations), and Erin Williams (HR Director).  All were cheered on by Stefan Bate and the little Bates – Allison and Christopher. Way to go James!! Erin W. David Krimstock competed in the Bailey Hundo MTB Race this…

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