Dank Recovery

Before Christmas we had the pleasure of hosting the absolutely hilarious and infectiously grateful Tim K., the mastermind behind Dank Recovery Memes.  I had been following Tim for a few years now on social media and found myself constantly laughing at his recovery-based jokes throughout my sobriety.  His sense of humor is pretty dark and inappropriate, but littered with shreds of truth, which is why I think his content has gone so viral.   Not so long ago I was in a place in life where the last thing I could do was laugh.  I was hopeless, alone, and scared of the direction things were going.  Everything of value in my life had been destroyed through addiction and I no longer felt an ability to crack a smile.   When I came to Jaywalker as a client one of the first things that stood out to me was the fun-loving…

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Changing Seasons – Changing Lives

When the weather started to drop quickly in Colorado this October alerting us that autumn was here (with winter not too far behind), most people in our community were just finishing up their outdoor camping, fishing and hiking. Not the Jaywalker Solutions program! We quickly packed up our things and set off on a 7-hour trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for an outdoor men’s retreat. Up and over Independence Pass, across the Continental Divide, and down into a beautiful autumn picture that could have only been painted by Mother Nature herself.  We traveled down a long dirt road surrounded by deep reds and vivid yellows the whole way, until we finally found ourselves in a magical open field with five large tents and a refurbished old barn surrounded by the San Juan mountains. It was here that the magic of our journey happened. Each day began with a taste of…

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Life on Two Wheels

Looking back at my past, I have always had a fascination for motorcycles and life on two wheels. My pops has been riding motorcycles ever since he was a teenager and would tell me stories of all the joy and dangers of riding. He was very wise to explain the differences of dirt riding and road riding. At a young age I learned how much joy motorcycling could bring me as long as I learned how to ride safely. He shared his knowledge and experience with me as to how he has been able to enjoy riding most of his life. When I was ten years old, my pops took me on a week long road trip to New Mexico from California. We trailered three motorcycles with us. His cruiser, his dirt bike, and a child sized dirt bike that we had borrowed for me to ride. I thought I…

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Service at Mission Wolf

On the surface, sending a group of newly sober men to spend time with wolves, camp, and use power-tools probably does not seem like the smartest idea. Wolves, like addicts, are big, bad, and scary! They are not to be trusted! Especially with power tools! But, this is exactly where I spent the last 4 days and my experience could not have been more peaceful or rewarding. Mission Wolf is a non-profit, educational wolf sanctuary in the remote mountains of Southwest Colorado. It is run largely by volunteers and focus on sustainability, operate on solar power, and build with recycled materials. They focus on connecting people with nature through hands-on experiential education; they believe the best way to build empathy and understanding is through experience. Mission Wolf is home to over twenty wolves or wolf-dog mixes. Because of the wolf content, they are not able to be adopted or released…

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A Decade Sober

Pat Celebrates 10 years! Pat is the Chief of Admissions and Marketing at Jaywalker, but more importantly an alum. Pat enjoys snowboarding, hunting, mountain biking, cycling, and hanging out with his wife and dog. To celebrate his ten years, Pat went on a 100 mile bike ride around the Roaring Fork Valley.  Pat has been a true example of what is possible for an alumni of Jaywalker. He lives a life full of happiness and joy that is grounded in a program of recovery. He lives by the principles and always is giving back to the people around him. He continues to be a pillar in the Jaywalker community and we are that much stronger for having him in it. Thanks for all you do, Pat! Congratulations on ten!

San Diego Alumni Trip 2019

Jaywalker is excited to announce the next alumni trip to beautiful San Diego. August 7th to the 11th Jaywalker alumni will descend upon the sunny beach town of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. The Colorado Rockies will be in town to play the San Diego Padres. We will have the opportunity to do anything and everything San Diego has to offer. Mountain biking, surfing, laying on the beach, and watching baseball games are just some of the options available. The cost is $200 that includes food, lodging, and a seat in trusty Sprinter number 5 to get out there. Any activity out there will be on your own dime so just know you will want to bring some extra cash if you want to catch a game, rent a surfboard, or do something outside of the normal activity. We are staying in a gorgeous house only 5 blocks from the coast,…

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Clinical Director Announcement

CARBONDALE, CO – Jaywalker Lodge, a leading provider of addiction recovery services for men, is excited to announce that Kelsey Huberty has been promoted to the position of Clinical Director. In her new role, Kelsey will oversee the clinical operations of the Landing, Lodge, and Solutionsprograms; and will report directly to Jaywalker’s Chief Clinical Officer, Stefan Bate.  “Kelsey’s expertise with program development, administrative operations, and staff development make her an outstanding addition to our clinical leadership. I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring her talent and dedication to the leadership team at Jaywalker.”In her new post, Kelsey will be utilizing her extensive experience as a clinician and a program administrator.  Kelsey received her master’s degree in addiction counseling from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies and has worked as a counselor and program manager for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Northbound Treatment Services respectively.  Prior to joining the Jaywalker team last October, Kelsey served as…

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Congratulations Daniel F.

Greetings to all at Jaywalker Lodge, I started to write this letter to you all with true humbleness and appreciation for what you do and will continue to do for your clients in need of help.  You see, It’s June and somewhere around this date, two years ago, my son Daniel arrived on your door step in need of the “magic” that is worked there.  Well the magic worked, and I can’t thank you enough for what you have given back to our family.  It was the hardest and yet wisest choice we have ever made. However, on further reflection I must truly give the credit to Daniel himself.  Yes, Jaywalker provides the guidelines, tools, the support, knowledge, love and comradery, but without the dedication and hard work put into these things the results aren’t the same.  Daniel, you have worked so hard on your sobriety and your goals. You are a compassionate, empathetic,…

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Which Came First: The Chicken or the Surfboard?

For the seventh day in a row I’m driving down the same dirt road to reach the beach; surfboards on top of the car, anticipation running high.  As I came around a corner, standing in the road was the same rooster that I had seen the 6 days previous.  The exact same spot, same time of day, 6 days straight. I thought to myself, “there is that stupid rooster, standing in the middle of the road, doing the same thing as each day before. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?”   Then it dawned on me, maybe the rooster was thinking the same thing about me, “there is that same guy, driving the same car, with the same boards on top for as many days as my little chicken brain can remember.” Yeah, I had that actual conversation going in my head.  Maybe I was suffering from too much tropical sun or too…

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Winter 2019 Alumni Trip

Snowbird, Utah Jaywalker alumni descended upon Snowbird Resort in Utah, an amazing mountain with steep terrain and deep snow for the 2019 Winter Alumni Trip. We had fourteen of our alumni on the trip, most of whom had never been to the resort before. As usual, we were a mixed bag of ability, age, and background. We all share the common bond of being a Jaywalker. It is that bond that ties us together and allows us another day sober to enjoy the mountain and each other’s company.  Snowbird was amazing and definitely a mountain made for the more experienced skier and snowboarder. There was more expert, double-black terrain than intermediate terrain. There was a storm that came in and gave us “free refills” as we blasted down chutes and off cliffs while we all hooted and hollered as we watched our fellow alums shred. As always, we followed the…

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