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The relationships built between Jaywalkers during their stay at the Lodge are the most valuable—fellow Jaywalkers are comrades who heal together, create a unique bond, and create a lifelong brotherhood.

However, another very important relationship is one with alumni. Our alumni not only lend their support to a Jaywalker’s experience, but they relate, offer guidance, and serve as examples of hope—a vital bridge towards a successful life in post-treatment recovery. Whether it be at alumni aftercare, alumni dinner, on the way to a 12 Step meeting, on the ski slopes or a mountain bike trail, our alums provide an integral link to a successful life in recovery after treatment.

Our alumni are our greatest asset. We provide a number of great ways for them to continue to stay involved: networking opportunities, three weekly meetings at the Lodge, events, expeditions, and a wide spectrum of volunteer opportunities.

Alumni Program Plays A Crucial Role In The Recovery Community

Support and Community: Our alumni program provides ongoing support and a sense of community for individuals who have completed treatment. Staying connected to others who have shared similar experiences fosters a sense of belonging and understanding, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness often associated with recovery.

Continued Accountability: Maintaining involvement in our alumni program encourages our men to stay accountable to their recovery goals. By regularly engaging with peers and professionals in the program, alumni are reminded of the importance of their sobriety and are motivated to stay on track.

Relapse Prevention: Our alumni programs offer resources and strategies for relapse prevention. Through workshops, support groups, and ongoing education, individuals can learn valuable coping skills and techniques to navigate triggers and challenges they may encounter post-treatment.

Lifelong Learning and Growth: Recovery is an ongoing journey that requires continuous learning and personal growth. Our alumni program provide opportunities for our men to continue learning about themselves, their addiction, and new strategies for maintaining sobriety. By participating in meetings, expeditions, and other activities, alumni can deepen their understanding of recovery and enhance their overall well-being.

Role Modeling and Mentorship: Alumni who have successfully maintained their sobriety can serve as role models and mentors for those who are newer to the recovery journey. By sharing their experiences, offering guidance, and providing support, alumni can inspire hope and encourage others to persevere in their recovery efforts.

Our alumni program offers a supportive and empowering environment where our men can continue to grow, learn, and thrive in their recovery journey beyond the confines of formal treatment.

Alumni Expedition Program

The feedback we’ve received regarding our Alumni Expeditions has been invaluable, and we’ve taken it to heart. In response, our Alumni Coordinator has meticulously crafted a series of engaging and fulfilling events throughout the year. These quarterly Alumni Expeditions offer a variety of activities to suit different interests and seasons. During the winter months, our alumni come together for exhilarating backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and skinning adventures. These outings are not just about outdoor thrills; they also include moments of reflection and connection through gratitude exercises and 12-step meetings. As the weather warms up, our focus shifts to exploring the stunning landscapes of Moab or Escalante through canyoneering expeditions. These experiences allow our alumni to immerse
themselves in nature while deepening their bonds with one another.

Participating in our Alumni Expeditions is a fantastic way to continue the Jaywalker recovery experience beyond the confines of our programs. These events provide opportunities for growth, connection, and shared experiences that reinforce the principles of recovery in a supportive community setting. To ensure you stay informed about upcoming activities, dinners, and retreats, we encourage you to join our email contact list. Don’t miss out on the chance to reconnect with fellow alumni and continue your journey of growth and healing with Jaywalker.

Alumni Events

Remaining connected with the place where you began your journey to sobriety serves as a powerful source of support, fostering continued commitment and dedication to recovery. At Jaywalker, we recognize the importance of staying engaged with our alumni community, which is why we host a variety of events throughout the year aimed at fostering connection, camaraderie, and growth.

Our calendar is filled with diverse opportunities for alumni to come together, including monthly activities, pickleball tournaments, the annual Serenity Scramble golf tournament, and our highly anticipated Alumni Family Reunion. These events offer a chance for alumni to reconnect with each other, share experiences, and celebrate milestones in their recovery journey.

Most of our events take place in Carbondale, providing a familiar and welcoming environment where alumni can come together to support one another and strengthen their bonds. Whether you’re looking to engage in recreational activities, enjoy friendly competition, or simply spend time with fellow alumni, our events offer something for everyone. Join us as we continue to build a thriving community of support and encouragement for all those on the path to recovery. Stay connected, stay engaged, and stay committed to your journey of healing and growth with Jaywalker.

Weekly Alumni Meetings

One of the most cherished aspects of the Jaywalker experience is the tradition of nightly family-style dinners, expertly prepared by our talented chef Bryan Trom. These gatherings provide our men with unforgettable moments of connection, camaraderie, and nourishment, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our community.

As part of our commitment to fostering ongoing support and connection among our alumni, we extend a warm invitation to all former residents to join us every Wednesday evening at 5 PM for a delicious meal prepared by Chef Bryan. Following dinner, we gather for an alumni meeting in the lodge library, providing a valuable opportunity for sharing, reflection, and fellowship. Whether you’re a recent graduate residing locally or returning to Carbondale to celebrate a milestone in your sobriety journey, our doors are always open and our tables are set, ready to
welcome you back with open arms. Join us as we continue to strengthen bonds, share stories, and support one another on the path to lasting recovery.

Weekly Alumni Zoom Meeting

Jaywalker recognizes the importance of ongoing support and connection for our alumni, regardless of their geographical location. That’s why we offer a weekly Alumni Zoom meeting every Monday night, providing a virtual platform for alumnus across the nation to come together, share experiences, and support one another in their recovery journey. This regular gathering serves as a valuable opportunity for alumni to stay connected, receive encouragement, and celebrate milestones in a supportive community setting.

Bi Weekly Alumni Family Support Meetings

At Jaywalker, we recognize that addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our alumni families. Our bi-weekly Family Support Groups create a safe and confidential environment where family members can share their experiences, receive guidance, and connect with others who understand the challenges they’re facing. Led by experienced facilitators, these groups empower families to navigate the complexities of addiction and foster healing and resilience together.

Our commitment to supporting our alumni and their families extends beyond our physical location. Through our weekly Alumni Zoom meetings and bi-weekly Family Support Groups, we strive to create a network of care, understanding, and encouragement. Whether near or far,
we’re here to support our community every step of the way on their journey to recovery.

Jordan Spektor
Jordan Spektor
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Twelve years ago, I stepped into Jaywalker Lodge, a lost soul enslaved by addiction. My journey toward long-term recovery hasn't been without its bumps, but undeniably, I owe my present sobriety to the Jaywalker family and the invaluable brotherhood I found at Jaywalker Lodge. Even after twelve years, I remain connected with the majority of the men who walked through Jaywalker alongside me, celebrating both life's highs and lows together.
Stefan Bate
Stefan Bate
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Jaywalker Lodge taught me how to live a life of joy and meaning in recovery. While other treatment centers offer a clinical experience in an artificial, contained environment; Jaywalker Lodge provided clinical support while facilitating the "lived experience of recovery" in an open community model. Jaywalker helped me bridge the gap between a treatment episode and a sustainable, recovery experience.
Tom Looby
Tom Looby
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This place saved my life. I attended Jaywalker in 2012 after attending several other treatment centers, and I am proud to say that I celebrated 10 years of sobriety in January 2022. As such, I wanted to write a review for the treatment center where it all began. I first attended the Lodge, then Solutions, and both were excellent experiences. I am forever grateful to Jaywalker (and the community in the Roaring Fork Valley) for teaching me the skills I needed to live a sober lifestyle. Thank you!
Jason Propp
Jason Propp
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Hi! My name is Jay, and I attended Jaywalker Lodge starting in February of 2023 for severe alcohol and drug addiction. I'm now approaching 10 months of sobriety. I was living on the edge of death, and I have found an abundance of joy and a NEW LIFE thanks to this program. During my stay in the Lodge, I worked through a wide variety of past trauma with the help of experienced counselors and therapists.

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