Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction

Continued or prolonged use of cocaine results in numerous long-term or permanent health consequences. Once acquired, these health conditions are irreversible. However, it’s never too late to stop your struggles with addiction.

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Once you’ve developed a cocaine habit, cocaine addiction treatment is the lifeline that will save your life. You can change your quality of life and significantly lengthen it simply by seeking the help you need. Without which, each use is like flipping a coin with your mortality.

The following information is your blueprint for the dangers cocaine poses and the endless possibilities provided by cocaine addiction treatment at Jaywalker in Carbondale, Colorado.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is classified as a potent stimulant, derived from cocoa plants from South America. Its stimulating effects overwhelm the brain with abnormally high dopamine levels that give the user accelerated energy levels, euphoria, and high attentiveness. If you have developed a dependency on this dangerous stimulant, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of dedicated therapists today. We’re eager to show you your sobriety is within your grasp thanks to our top-notch treatment methods.

How Addictive is Cocaine?

Cocaine is classified as a class II substance, restricted from most medication practices due to its highly addictive properties. It is so psychologically and physically addictive that a user can develop dependency even after a single use. Most cocaine users progress to what’s called “binge” users, a term coined for taking doses back to back to maintain the peak high. This is especially the case in its ‘rock’ form, crack. Thus, the reason medically-aided cocaine addiction treatment is required to recover from any form of cocaine dependency.

What is the Difference between Cocaine and Crack?

Powder cocaine, on the other hand, takes an average of 3 minutes for its effects to take hold. Its effects, however, last a longer average duration of 20-30 minutes. Rest assured, both forms are equally dangerous in their own right, posing immediate short-term and long-term health risks.

What are the Most Common Short-Term Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine addiction doesn’t come without repercussions and most of these consequences manifest themselves with very telling symptoms. Knowing the symptoms to observe is important in doing your part to get you or someone you love the proper help. Seek the appropriate medical professional if you notice any of the following symptoms of cocaine addiction.

People who are under the influence or experiencing withdrawal symptoms of cocaine suffer mild to severe episodes of paranoia. This may physically manifest itself in being overly or abnormally cautious of one’s surroundings or constantly looking over their shoulder. Be observant of any conspicuous behavior that appears out of place or overly paranoid. Report any such behavior to the appropriate professionals to get them the help they need.

Some are more high-strung than others. However, high energy related to cocaine use is very apparent to discern. This high makes the user feel as if they can do anything. This is especially true for high-functioning cocaine users who may accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in a short amount of time.

Unbeknownst to themselves, an individual who is under the influence of cocaine may speak at an accelerated pace. This may occur even to an inaudible or imperceivable degree. Any such speech is a very obvious side-effect of the high energy levels associated with cocaine use.

This is both a side effect of cocaine use and a withdrawal symptom. One under the influence will often experience uncontrollable or impulsive fidgeting, such as a repetitive tick. For example, a common tick of cocaine use is persistent scratching around the neck, arms, face, or legs. It can also consist of bodily movements, such as twitches of the face and extremities.

Constricted veins in the bloodstream from cocaine use contribute to redness in the face, arms, and other areas of the skin. A slight tint indicates cocaine intoxication, while deeper, tomato-like redness could be a sign of an imminent overdose. It’s important to react proactively to these signs without delay by getting top-quality treatment.

All senses are heightened to extraordinary levels when under the influence of cocaine. This means dim or bright lights will produce overly-sensitive reactions such as squinting or covering the eyes.

In correlation, even the most diluted of sounds will be magnified. Moderate to loud sounds, in turn, will seem unbearable to an individual under the influence of cocaine. Don’t disregard the warning signs of visual and auditory sensitivity that could indicate an imminent struggle with cocaine. Take action by reaching out to a cocaine addiction treatment representative today.

Heart palpitations due to a racing heart rate are a very common sign of drug stimulants. This is a trickle-down effect from the combination of high blood pressure and constricted blood vessels. In turn, the cardiovascular system is forced to work overtime, causing your heart to skip a beat. Over time, this symptom causes irreversible wear and tear on the heart muscle and surrounding valves.

What are the Long-Term Consequences of Cocaine?

Continued or prolonged use of cocaine results in numerous long-term or permanent health consequences. Once acquired, these health conditions are irreversible. However, it’s never too late to stop your struggles with addiction. Regardless of what stage you’re at, you can manage the long-term conditions below and prevent further irreparable damage. Speak to a cocaine addiction treatment specialist if you have or are at risk of acquiring the following long-term consequences.

Constricted blood vessels and high blood pressure are a deadly combination in numerous ways. One of those ways is the inevitable blood clots they cause throughout the body from prolonged use. This is one of the only long-term consequences you can reverse. Start the reversal process today by getting treatment for your struggles with substances today.

Prolonged use or excessive use in a single sitting can cause cardiac arrest and other permanent heart conditions. This is a result of cocaine overloading the cardiovascular system to a terminal degree that few people recover from fully. That’s if you survive at all. Even if you do survive, persistent use takes an irreversible toll on your heart and surrounding valves. Get the help you need now before it’s too late to reverse and maintain heart health that will extend your life considerably.

Don’t let struggles with cocaine dictate your fate. Seek the top-quality treatment you deserve at Jaywalker Lodge to overcome your strongholds and prevent these fatal consequences.

Drug use has such a profound effect on neuronic frequencies that it can induce permanent mental health problems. These acquired and often co-occurring disorders occur as a result of irreparable damage to brain cells. This destabilization of neuronic frequencies suppresses vital chemicals that regulate mood, anxiety, and other necessary neuronic chemicals. This poses a high risk for developing many anxiety, personality, and depression disorders.

Dependency struggles take an equal toll on your finances as it does on your body and overall health. That’s because any drug habit takes a considerable and often overwhelming amount of money to sustain. This leads many to a gradual downward spiral into financial debt and homelessness.

If this is you or someone you love, you don’t have to let financial ruin get in the way of getting the help you deserve. Thankfully, numerous payment and insurance plan options at Jaywalker Lodge can help alleviate the costs. We never stop working for those who dare to seek the treatment they truly need.

When a drug becomes an addiction, it becomes your primary focus. Your work performance and punctuality will begin to suffer as a result of your drastic shift in priorities. This is one of the many roads that inevitably leads to the prior effect of financial ruin. All this occurs en route to homelessness and total loss without medically-aided cocaine addiction treatment.

Substance dependency affects more than just yourself. It affects the ones you love most by inducing stress, worry, and other mental and physical pain. This causes the relationships with your friends and loved ones to suffer drastically. This often alienates you from the rest of your family and friends. It’s not too late to mend your relationships with your loved ones. It all starts simply by accepting the help you need. This is the first all-important step of the mending process. This single act often garners the support and favor of the very loved ones that substances drove away.

Get the Help You Need and Deserve at Jaywalker

You deserve to have top-quality treatment from the greatest therapists who listen to your deepest struggles and needs. You’ll get nothing less than that and so much more with our compassionate family that’s solely devoted to your happiness and success.

Help us help you by taking the all-important first step of sobriety by reaching out. It all starts with a simple call to our sympathetic receptionists who will guide you to your personalized life-changing treatment.

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