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Alcohol and addiction recovery has never been thought of as an easy journey. In fact, recovery is a lifelong journey for those who chose it, as everyone in recovery will experience challenging temptations and triggers throughout their life. Jaywalker Lodge is fueled by self-discovery and healing. It’s a place where we motivate men to find the power within themselves to commit to long-lasting recovery. While helping others achieve sobriety remains a priority in our mission, we believe that the power of recovery extends beyond eliminating substance use. We believe that the power of recovery helps build authentic and genuine character, creating a life full of excitement and purpose. 

Above all, we know that there is a solution to the all-consuming disease of addiction. Addiction is treatable, and we believe that treatment works. Finding an effective treatment may take time and vary from person to person. At Jaywalker Lodge, we are motivated by adventure and connection, which are two crucial factors that play into a positive, lasting recovery journey. Our beliefs and values are applied to daily interactions and activities. These beliefs and values make us who we are, and help you to understand what we stand for at Jaywalker Lodge. 

What We Believe

Our treatment program has a heavy focus on the Twelve Steps. Likewise, we have 12 core principles of beliefs that Jaywalker Lodge is built upon:

#1. We believe that recovery is a relentless journey of finding joy, connection with others, and a higher power that is greater than any one of us. 

#2. We believe that treatment remains a daily choice, and a conscious choice must be made to stay in recovery. 

#3. We believe that effective treatment should not be viewed as a consequence of our past addiction, but instead, viewed as a promise for a future of lasting recovery.

#4. We believe that order and cleanliness help to create a safe environment accompanied by trust and other-centered consciousness.

#5. We believe in the importance of daily disciplines that include meditation, time-management for all activities and appointments, attendance at 12-Step meetings, and a family-style dinner. 

#6. We believe that every member of our staff has endless opportunity and responsibility to guide our men’s treatment experiences in a direct and positive way.

#7. We believe that as a collective, our staff and men at the Lodge are capable of endless potential and achieving anything that we set our minds on. 

#8. We believe that every single day matters greatly in a successful treatment experience. Every day must include a choice to surrender, to stay strong, and to finish even stronger. We choose to do our best every day. 

#9. We believe that our clinical team has a role of fostering an honest, intimate, and trusting environment within and among the men we are treating. We understand and value peer-to-peer relationships above everything else. 

#10. We believe that the safety and well-being of our peers must be placed above all wants and needs that any individual may seek. 

#11. We believe that a healthy and happy work environment for our staff is essential in order to create a successful, healing environment for the men we are treating. 

#12. We believe that although complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol is crucial for the major stages of recovery, the main goal of sobriety is to create a life of joy and meaning. 

What We Value

From our beliefs, you may be able to take away some of our key values when it comes to the power of recovery. We value honesty and authenticity from all staff as well as from our men. We value staff-client connection as well as peer-to-peer connection. Intimate and genuine connection creates meaningful relationships that many will attend to for the rest of their lives. We also value trust — as you trust us with your care or the care of a loved one, as our men trust their clinical and treatment professionals, and as our men trust one another. Trusting any organization or program is a decision that should never be taken lightly. For many of our men, trusting Jaywalker Lodge may be the first act of trust they have shown since their battle with addiction began. 

We value adventure. We encourage our men to get out into the Rocky Mountains and engage in their natural environment through a range of seasonal activities. We value purpose and meaning. Many of us at Jaywalker Lodge have experienced societal conditioning with our addiction, never truly understanding what it feels like to live a worthwhile life. Your experience at Jaywalker Lodge will be nothing short of meaningful. We want to show you that there has been, and always will be, more to you than who you were during your addiction. We want to invite you to experience a life worth living, one that is filled with endless abundance and meaning. 

Jaywalker Lodge is fueled by helping men find excitement and meaning in their recovery journey. Our treatment program is heavily focused on the Twelve Steps, which also translates into why we have 12 core beliefs. Our beliefs and values help showcase who we are and what we stand for here at Jaywalker Lodge. Alcohol and addiction recovery has never been considered an easy journey. However, when they are motivated by purpose, connection, and joy, the journey becomes beyond worthwhile. At Jaywalker Lodge, we believe that sobriety and recovery should not be viewed as consequences for our past, but instead a promise of a brighter future. The all-consuming disease of alcoholism and addiction is not to be taken lightly. Jaywalker Lodge works exclusively with men who suffer from this disease and have struggled to maintain lasting sobriety. We’re eager to meet you wherever you are and help you move forward in your recovery journey. Call us now at (866) 529-9255

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Stefan Bate, MA, LAC, CCTP Chief Clinical Officer
Stefan Bate, BA, MA, LAC holds a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology from Regis University and is a Licensed Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado. Stefan has wide-ranging experience in the field of addiction recovery including: working as a recovery coach, therapist, and program director.

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