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Alcoholism and addiction are a lonely disease. Almost without fail, they cause us to isolate ourselves from our loved ones and withdraw from our lives. Slowly but surely, our alcoholism and addiction become the number-one priority in our lives, forcing out everything that isn’t in direct service to our disease. This is a long, lonely process, and it leaves those of us who are fortunate enough to make a beginning in recovery with a long road of rebuilding ahead. It may seem like there is a lot of work before us, but it truly is a gift. We are the blessed ones who are given the opportunity to have our lives saved and experience recreating our lives in concert with our higher power and the 12-Step program of recovery. “Becoming a part of” is an important part of that experience.

An End to Loneliness

Our past spent in bondage to alcoholism and addiction can often leave our lives empty. The wonderful news is that entering recovery can signal the end of all that loneliness and suffering. For pretty much everyone who fully engages in the 12-Steps at Jaywalker Lodge, that is exactly what happens. Our loneliness comes to an end as we find ourselves surrounded by people with the same disease who have recovered, and their only goal is to help us do the same. We find fast friends in meetings and through service. We learn how to participate in healthy relationships as we work with our sponsor and walk the road of happy destiny with our trudging buddies.

These friendships and relationships are born not only of necessity but of the genuine understanding that communion with other human beings is one of the greatest joys of life. Reciprocity, service, encouragement, openness, and honesty are practiced regularly by sober members of the recovery community. We learn to practice these things by participation and by example, and soon we are more capable of being present and involved in the lives of others. We can easily see how much more full it makes our own lives, and we can feel how much it means for our spiritual growth and happiness to be there for our loved ones — to be of service to them and to share with them. These are the fruits of becoming a part of the recovery community at Jaywalker Lodge.

A Sense of Belonging

There is even more beauty and reward in taking the leap and making ourselves integrated, active members of our local recovery community, and the recovery world at large. A real sense of belonging comes upon us relatively quickly, after we begin to realize how much we relate to the people around us. We can hear that they have alcoholism and addiction just like we do. We know they’ve experienced many similar things and had the same feelings. Best of all, we can see that the 12-Step program has worked miracles in their lives, and all they want for us is the very same thing. That is why “becoming a part of” is stressed so plainly by those who are stable in recovery.

Prior to finding the 12-Step solution, we likely spent much time alone, hiding out of shame or fear or so we could serve our disease. Now in recovery, we see that we don’t have to live like that anymore. In fact, trying to keep living like that would be dangerous. Old behaviors yield old results, and the very reason we need the 12-Steps is that the old ways were killing us. For many who are new to recovery, we often feel unworthy of the welcoming, love, and inclusion we receive. But we must try to understand that we deserve it, and as we work the 12-Steps we will see the past fall away and heal enough to allow ourselves to be loved. 

Soon enough, we’ll be welcoming and loving towards other people who are new to recovery and we’ll get to participate in the heart of the 12-Step program — helping others. Having open arms, warm smiles, and helping hands for newcomers isn’t just a nice thing to do, but it’s the beating heart of recovery. Just as we were welcomed at Jaywalker Lodge and made “part of” by those who came before us in recovery, so we must welcome and encourage others, because it is how we stay recovered ourselves. We must carry the message that there is a solution, and we must give away the joy of recovery to keep it. These are acts of service and love, and they are our responsibility as sober members of a 12-Step recovery fellowship and community.

Be Willing to Receive Help

Of course, this isn’t the level that we are on when we first get sober. To begin our recovery journey, we must ask for help — and then we must learn to accept that help. We need to experience the wonder of recovery for ourselves before we can encourage others on the path. First, we need to work the 12-Steps of recovery with a sponsor. That’s paramount. As we do the 12-Step work, finding at least a few regular meetings every week as well as a homegroup can be very helpful. Having regular meetings and a homegroup are huge strides on the “becoming part of” path. Though they may seem like simple actions, they are incredibly important in the process of moving our lives away from alcoholism and addiction and towards recovery and meaningful joy. 

Be of Service

Last but far from least, we can look for ways and opportunities to be of service. Giving and serving others helps prevent us from isolating and being plagued by selfish behavior and fear. It connects us to people and the world around us as intensely as our disease once pushed those same things away.

“Becoming a part of” is one the most beautiful by-products of beginning a life in recovery, and it is available to all of us who are willing to try to implement the 12-Steps into our daily lives. Come join us and be a part of a life more beautiful than you ever imagined.

Alcoholism and addiction often isolate the sufferer from all that makes life worth living, causing them to withdraw from everyone and everything they love. Drinking or using becomes our top priority, and there isn’t much room left for anything else. But you don’t have to live this lonely life anymore — there is a solution, and it works. Those who are unable to achieve or maintain sobriety or recovery on their own often have no other option but to try a 12-Step program. Becoming an active part of a 12-Step recovery community can be a life-saving and life-changing process. You deserve acceptance, understanding, guidance, and love, and you can find them all at Jaywalker Lodge. Our recovery community is here to show you how good life can be. Are you ready to begin your journey? To learn more about our programs for men, call Jaywalker Lodge today at (866) 529-9255.

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Stefan Bate, MA, LAC, CCTP Chief Clinical Officer
Stefan Bate, BA, MA, LAC holds a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology from Regis University and is a Licensed Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado. Stefan has wide-ranging experience in the field of addiction recovery including: working as a recovery coach, therapist, and program director.

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