Closeness in This Time of Distance


It’s far too easy to feel totally isolated and disconnected these days. Many of us have spent a long time separated from our loved ones, families, friends, and recovery community. We’ve been apart for a long time — and whether we’re in recovery or not, human beings are not meant to live in isolation. We are social creatures. We need closeness and togetherness. The society of our fellow man is a vital, necessary, and beautiful part of life. The list of benefits gleaned from spending time with other people and the incredible gifts that come from endeavoring to help those people is simply immense. It’s practically the key to a full and happy life, especially for those of us in recovery. There have been some significant obstacles to experiencing closeness and community lately. Let’s take a look at some ways that we can still be close to our people and…

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The Society of Our Fellows

community in recovery

Isolation and “Lone Wolf syndrome” are extremely common modes of operation for alcoholics and addicts. The reason why going solo is so popular among people like us is complicated. It’s partly because we are defiant, independent people, and partly because we are often very emotionally sensitive people. We like to do our own thing and we get frustrated when something stands in our way, so we go it alone. We also like to try and feel good all the time, and many of our actions, habits, and behaviors can cause harm to those around us. We don’t like hurting people or making them sad, so we find it easier to live alone as much as possible. The problem is that going it alone does harm in its own way, too. We can’t avoid our way into or out of relationships. No matter how independent, isolated, or alone we make ourselves,…

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Will I Always Inventory About the Same Things?

personal inventory

Hopefully, if you’ve been in recovery for even a little bit of time, you’ve gotten busy with the 12 Steps. If this is the case, you’ve likely encountered the 4th Step and the 10th Step. These are commonly referred to as the personal “inventory” steps. Even if we’re new to the 12-Step program, we’ve probably heard a lot about the inventory steps — including a lot of mixed reviews. Some people dread inventory, while others swear by it. We can only assume that if it’s part of the 12 Steps, it isn’t optional if we want to recover and live a happy life. Nor could it possibly be something to fear or dread, or even remotely harmful, because the 12 Steps are designed to help us find freedom and recovery. What seems to be the biggest reason that personal inventory gets a bad rap is that sometimes things can get…

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We Believe #11: A Healthy Environment Is a Healing Environment

empty chairs in a circle for therapy

At Jaywalker Lodge, we live by a code. Our core values are the heart of Jaywalker. We know the disease of alcoholism and addiction — and the solution found in the 12-Step recovery process — firsthand because so many of us live it in our everyday lives. This personal experience leads us to do things a little differently. Our beliefs inform everything we do, every decision we make, and every action we take. Over time, we have come to define our core values by 12 key beliefs. We set these beliefs both from our personal recovery experience and our time in the addiction recovery treatment field. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. By sharing our beliefs, we hope you’ll get to know who we are at Jaywalker Lodge. And once you get to know us, we hope that you’ll see this is the right place for…

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The Best Ways To Deal With Being Overwhelmed


As much as we’d all like it to be, life is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes things just happen. Maybe it’s bad timing, perhaps we just got behind little by little, or it could just be too much all at once. Being overwhelmed is a normal part of life. And it happens to everyone, whether we’re an alcoholic or addict or not. When it happens, we don’t have to just wait it out, lose our center, or collapse under pressure. We can keep helpful things in mind and take actions to weather these periods of being overwhelmed with a bit of calm and even some peace. No matter how overwhelmed we might be, we must remember that it will pass. Our recovery gives us the tools to weather any storm and turn every painful experience into something that can help others. Am I Overwhelmed? Being overwhelmed can look a lot…

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How Can I Be on My Own Team?


Many of us are blessed with a team of “cheerleaders” behind us. There are people in our corner, people who believe in and want the best for us, who will help us when we need it, and who trust us to learn our lessons and do our best. Strangely, so many of us take these people for granted, without even realizing it. Of course, there are people we feel the same way about. We’d do anything for them, and we love when they’re happy and successful and learning and growing. We might often fail to realize just how special this is, too. This is not a guilt trip, but it’s worth taking a minute to realize just what a stark difference this is from how life was in active alcoholism and addiction. If anybody were rooting for us, we’d long ago driven them away. People in our corner had to…

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