Combating Mental Health and Substance Use Misinformation on the Internet

Combating Mental Health And Substance Use Misinformation On The Internet

Online spaces can be a source of misinformation on all kinds of topics. Stigmas, myths, and lies can spread like wildfire. Clients and counselors alike need to take the steps they can to make sure individuals get the facts straight. Misinformation on Social Media If there is anything the last ten years has demonstrated, it […]

Is Medication Safe if I Have an Addiction?

Is Medication Safe If I Have An Addiction?

Having a history of addiction can make taking medication a frightening experience. While the U.S. battles a major opioid addiction crisis, taking medication for pain or mental illness might be concerning, especially if that substance has the potential to be addictive. This article discusses how to use medicine safely and when and why taking controlled […]

Accepting What You Can’t Control

Accepting What You Can’t Control

Hanging on to things that are not in your control can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. It is important to learn when to let things go and focus on what you do have control over. It can be challenging to notice the things that you do have control over, which is why […]

Comorbidity of Chronic Illness and Substance Misuse

Those who are chronically ill might need to rely on medication to function in their day-to-day lives. Yet, others might use alcohol or illicit drugs to cope with the pain. It is essential to know the facts about chronic illness and what factors might lead an individual to substance use. Knowledge about a person’s health […]

The Realities of Compassion Fatigue

The Realities of Compassion Fatigue

There are times when caring can feel exhausting. This experience does not mean that someone is insensitive, but rather that they feel burned out emotionally. It can be difficult to cope with compassion fatigue, especially in the wake of Covid. Staying Sensitive During Global Disaster The 2020 global pandemic uprooted the lives of every person […]

Waiting It Out Until Spring: Holding Onto Hope When Things Are Hard

A plant grows in the springtime, proving that hope is possible.

For many, winter tends to be the most challenging time of year. The days are shorter, and it’s unbearably cold. The wind feels like it rips straight through to the bone. It can feel downright miserable. This tends to be more noticeable after the holidays when there isn’t anything to distract from those winter winds. […]

Why Is Comedy So Effective in Improving Mental Health in Recovery?

Whether you’re a comedian or you love watching stand-up specials, laughing about life difficulties can raise the mood. Many recommend watching something funny when you are feeling down. Here’s why laughing out loud lifts your mood and how it can help with long-term recovery. What Laughing Does to the Brain The brain releases pleasure chemicals […]

Self Love Is the Most Powerful Form of Love

A man in recovery expresses love and appreciation for himself.

If you are recovering from or are in treatment for addiction, you might not have had the most positive sense of self. Focusing on yourself, your happiness, and your well-being over others might feel foreign or even wrong. There might be parts of you that feel like you don’t deserve to prioritize your needs or […]

You Might Be Practicing Self Harm and Not Know It

A man in recovery from addiction thinks about his past self-destructive behaviors.

Self-harm comes in many forms, but others might not know they are hurting themselves as a way to cope with difficult mental disorder symptoms. Since self-harm tends to be a taboo topic, many might not know that their behaviors are hurting more than helping. Substance use is sometimes a form of self-harm on its own, […]

The Pressure to Be Stronger, Better, and Faster: Athletes and Substance Use Disorder

An athlete addicted to performance-enhancing drugs is lifting weights.

With the Winter Olympics on the way, the headlines can often be filled with athletes suspended for substance use. Performance-enhancing drugs aren’t uncommon in sports programs, but not every program tests for substances. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon of athletes and substance use disorder and how you can help your clients in the […]

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