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Danny G Celebrates 3

JWL Alumnus Danny G celebrated three years on 1/14/16.  Danny has been a role model of sobriety during his time here in Carbondale.  He is active in a program of recovery and sponsors many men.  Danny is originally from New York and he enjoys skateboarding and snowboarding locally. Congratulations man!

Art Celebrates 14

Let’s give a double “shout-out” to Art Kleinschmidt, Lodge Counselor, extraordinaire. Art celebrated 14 years of sobriety on 1/4/16. Art started his addiction career at Hazelden, where he received a Master’s degree.   His most recent accomplishment in this field was completing his credentials in the State of Colorado, 12/14/15, for his LAC, Licensed Addiction Counselor – thus, the double congratulations. He returned to Jaywalker in 2009 after running his own treatment business in Gypsum. Since that time, Art has been sharing his counseling expertise along with his experience, strength, and hope at Jaywalker Lodge. For those of you who don’t know, Art has an MBA and is currently working on his PhD in Psychology. He authored a treatment program called Planting Seeds: A Client-Centered Approach to Addiction Treatment.    He divided this program into four phases, which lends itself to moving a client from early treatment to second stage recovery.   Because…

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Peyton Celebrates 3

On Tuesday, our very own, Peyton Ward celebrated 3 yrs of continuous sobriety! Peyton came to Jaywalker Lodge in the winter of 2013. He had a lot work on and he went about doing just that. In the 3 short years Peyton has been in our community he has gone from client, to tech, to alumni coordinator. He has also gone from addict to Ironman completing his first full Ironman last August. Peyton is a colleague and a good personal friend. I’m very proud of him and I hope you all join me in extending him a huge congratulations on his 3 years on continuous recovery! Brendon Kerton, M.A. Landing Program Supervisor Jaywalker Lodge

Stacy Celebrates 12

12 years of sobriety for Stacy Lee, that’s as she noted 4,380 days of continuous sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Stacy Lee is a fantastic Mother, wife and Friend. Her journey has led her to a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and a solid foundation in the community of AA. She actually did not shed a tear this weekend through UCLA’s loss to the Trojan Nation as she carries degrees from both universities. What’s most amazing about Stacy Lee is that she represents peace and safety to so many. She is a healer and the safest of containers for so many who are suffering. We here at Jaywalker our both proud of her as a provider of care but mostly as a safe place for our guys to go to find their spiritual path. Great job Stacy Lee! We are proud of you and thankful for the love & Light you bring into each…

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“J Joe” Celebrates 3

Josh sober living

My closest, most trustworthy friend, Josh J, celebrated 3 years of sobriety last weekend! Since Josh and I went through Jaywalker Lodge, I have seen him completely turn his life around. He is the first guy I call to talk about personal matters and the first guy I call when I need a helping hand. Josh is one of the most disciplined guys I know. Whether he is working, helping others, playing basketball, playing video games, or hitting the gym at least 7 days a week! Yes, that’s right, at least 7 days a week. If there were 12 days in a week, Josh would hit the gym 12 days a week, and so on. Josh, you are a role model to me and all of the guys at Jaywalker. I know you more than I know my own brothers. Keep up the great work and continue to better yourself…

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Alex Colins Celebrates 4 Years

Alex sober living and staying healthy

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Friend as a person who you like and enjoy being with. To me a friend is much more than that, I think a friend is someone who will, despite having an incredibly busy schedule, drop everything to sit down and write a blog congratulating someone for not using drugs or alcohol for four years. Which is probably why I’m writing this, again, and Kevin isn’t. All the blogs in the world couldn’t capture the awesomeness that is Alex Colins. When he’s not busy running things at Jaywalker and jamming out to today’s top 10 pop songs, you can find him coaching middle school football, or lifting irresponsible amounts of weight. And despite all that, he still finds time to help out all his friends. Alex, do you remember the time Kevin ate all that chili before his hot yoga class and he had an “accident” and…

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Alex Cable Celebrates 3 Years

alex cable at superbowl sober

Rarely have we seen a person fail when he thoroughly follows our path. 3 Years ago Alex Cable was struggling to finish a complete sentence. Seriously, Alex has come a long long way! Alex has become a respectful young man in recovery with unlimited potential. Unlike the Patriot’s, Alex has not cheated with short cuts and flat balls. Alex has faced his disease head on and the results are just Awesome! Keep it going kid and Go Hawks! Dirk Eldredge CEO Jaywalker Lodge

Janet DeMars Celebrates 30

Janet sober living

Everyone at Jaywalker would like to congratulate Janet DeMars on 30 years of continuous sobriety today! Janet has been at Jaywalker for 3 years, and has made a great impact while she has been here.  Janet is a teacher of empathy, respect, self-awareness, and hard work. We are sad to say that Janet will be moving on from Jaywalker next week, but we wish her the best of luck in her new adventures.  Congratulations again on the big 3-0 and we know that the next 30 will be even better! Wishing you the absolute best, From the Jaywalker Staff

Patrick Young Celebrates 6 Years

Patrick sober living

While there are many things I could say about my friend Pat Young… I will mention a few that I believe highlight what I see in him. I once heard a quote describing John Wayne that went something like, “He’s hard to knock off his horse.” This exemplifies Pat as a clinician and a recovering man. I have seen Pat swim up the proverbial clinical stream, against the flow, in advocacy of his clients. He always places their needs above his own. Pat is dedicated to those, new to recovery, who may share with Pat similar struggles with the early steps of recovery… Especially the higher power. Pat is an inspiration! Happy belly button and recovery birthdays! You’re truly one of a kind. I am glad you were born Pat! Oyen Hoffman, LMFT, LAC, MAC Program Supervisor Jaywalker Lodge

CP turns 6

Cary sober living

Cary Pew is a prime example of a Jaywalker who comes to the valley to get sober, but stays in the valley because he has found a life rich in sobriety.  Cary has transformed from a man broken by his disease to a service-oriented Jaywalker employee.  Cary is the core of what is good and productive in the Solutions program.  He always makes himself available to the men, takes them on service expeditions (no easy feat), and is the man behind and responsible for all things pertaining to the Solution’s daily schedule.  Cary has trained and educated himself to become a Certified Addiction Counselor, starting as a CAC-I and working as a tech.  He has now taken all the course work necessary for a CAC-II endorsement.  In addition to being The Main Man at Solutions, Cary also helps Lenny Beaulieu as a co-facilitator at our MIOP program on Monday and…

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