Sober Living/Outpatient

The Jaywalker Outpatient Program (OP) provides an opportunity for our clients to put into practice the recovery skills previously learned while continuing to participate in a program designed to provide a safe therapeutic environment that encourages and promotes recovery.

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We provide a flexible program designed to meet the needs of the individual client who is transitioning into a sober lifestyle. Like all Jaywalker programs, we are firmly rooted in the 12-step programs. The Jaywalker Outpatient Program offers individual and group counseling, which includes a primary focus on relapse prevention. Our men meet every Monday and Thursday night from 6-9pm. Our men are required to attend outside 12-step meetings as well as 12-step work with a sponsor. We strongly encourage our men to reach out to other men new to recovery and to get involved in community and alumni activities. Group topics are client-driven and tailored to meet the needs of the current group. Often, our topics have to do with coping with day-to-day challenges that can interfere with recovery and lead to relapse. The group setting provides a venue for the men to discuss these challenges and support one another in overcoming difficult obstacles to recovery. Each client will receive ongoing individual counseling and case management services that are designed to meet their specific needs while in the OP. A Psychiatrist and therapist are available for consultation for our clients throughout their treatment stay to assist with any psychiatric or mental health issues. Our treatment services are provided by a masters level clinician, who is supervised by the Chief Clinical Officer. The Jaywalker Outpatient Program is also coupled with our own sober living. Sober Living is reserved for men graduating the Jaywalker Solutions Program. Our sober living homes are located directly across the street from our Jaywalker Lodge program and allow our men to stay connected with the recovery community here in Carbondale, CO.


A comprehensive, individualized continuing care plan is essential for a long-term success following a Jaywalker’s graduation from the program. Graduates of the Lodge, Solutions, and Outpatient program are eligible and enrolled in the Jaywalker Alumni Volunteer program. Wednesday night alumni dinner and aftercare groups are held at our facility every week for no charge. Jaywalker hosts monthly alumni events and quarterly traveling alumni trips to continue cultivation of relationships and fellowship. The majority of clients stay in Carbondale after completing Jaywalker clinical programing. Our goal is to offer graduates community and alumni support to live with their peers in sobriety and establish themselves as financially self-supporting members of the local recovery community.