What is Precipitated Withdrawal?

what is precipitated withdrawal

Precipitated withdrawal refers to withdrawal that has been brought about by medication, rather than abstinence from a substance. It can be expected when naloxone is used to reverse an opioid overdose. As the opioid epidemic continues into its second decade, naloxone has become more and more common. However, a dose of naloxone in the form […]

15 Songs About Addiction and Recovery

songs about addiction recovery

The music we listen to is the soundtrack for our lives. They can be direct reflections of past memories both good and bad. Listening to music creates nostalgia and offers a sense of acceptance when you can directly relate to the lyrics and emotions in a particular track. Music can help guide you through the […]

How a Sober Mentor Helps in Recovery

sober mentor

Many people learn the hard way that being sober and staying sober are two very different things, and this is the best reason why there is a profession known as the sober mentor. There are people who do manage to stay sober for a time after a stint in rehabilitation, who later on discover that […]

Married to an Addict: How to Make it Work

How to Make it Work having an addict spouse

Most married couples will agree that marriage isn’t always easy. Just like any other type of relationship, marriage comes with its challenges. However, those normal challenges can become even more difficult to overcome when addiction is in the picture. When a person is married to an addict, the stress and heartache they feel can be […]

What is Weekend Alcoholism?

weekend drinking

After a stressful week at work, a drink or two out with friends or at home probably sounds just like what you need to recharge. But what happens when a casual drink to adjust your attitude on a Friday or Saturday night becomes a blur? What happens if it turns into a night where you […]

Chronic Relapse: What Is It and How You Can Find Help

chronic relapse

Addiction is complicated to treat as it can be an ongoing urge that requires persistence and resilience. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves right back in the first phase of recovery, as chronic relapse is an unfortunate, but not completely detrimental occurrence. Chronic relapse can become a cycle for some people where […]

Is Relapse a Part of Recovery?

addiction relapse

Addiction recovery is a journey worth celebrating. Winning the battle against substance use disorder is no easy feat. So, individuals who successfully complete addiction treatment should certainly be proud! However, it is important to note that the road to recovery can be strewed with challenging experiences. While going through treatment and after completing it, recovering […]

Why Drug Decriminalization Might Help With Treatment and Recovery

A man is arrested for drug possession.

When it comes to substance use disorders, there tends to be a barrier of care for those sentenced for drug possession. Oregon became the first state to decriminalize all illegal drugs fully. Whether or not decriminalization can make the jobs of healthcare workers easier is hotly debated. Still, there is a chance that decriminalization might […]

Embracing the Good in Life

Most alcoholics and addicts unwittingly become accustomed to negative circumstances, high-stress feelings, and what we often call “bad luck.” While everyday life does sometimes bring these things, it’s seldom as negative and stressful as our life in active alcoholism or addiction was. Unfortunately, many alcoholics and addicts like us get so used to the worst […]

How Can I Stay Connected in Times Like These?

There’s no doubting that times are strange, and even sometimes scary for everyone. Whether in or out of recovery, the world definitely feels upside down right now. People feel separated and apart from each other in ways they’ve never experienced before. It can be an especially trying time for those in recovery. We can’t get […]

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