8 Agreements on Males, Trauma, and Addiction Treatment

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Jaywalkers very own, Jacquie Wheeler, was part of a team to put together the Eight Agreements on Males, Trauma, and Addiction Treatment at the West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders. This was the first time that professionals in the addiction and recovery field discussed males and trauma. The group emphasized the importance addressing the issue of trauma in the recovery of males.

The purpose of these agreements is to achieve the most effective treatment of males with addictive disorders by urging the field to recognize the importance of addressing their trauma. This will help in the development and implementation of more effective interventions to help the health and recovery of males with addictive disorders and increase the chance of achieving long-term recovery.

1. While progress has been made in the understanding of trauma, there remains a myth that trauma is not a major issue for males.

2. Trauma is a significant issue for males with substance and/or process addictive disorders.

3. Males are biologically and culturally influenced to minimize or deny traumatic life experiences.

4. Addiction treatment has been negatively influenced by cultural myths about males.

5. Males are often assumed to be the perpetrator, which has negatively biased our concepts of trauma and models for addiction treatment, and often results in the re-traumatization of males.

6. Male trauma must be assessed and treated throughout the continuum of addiction services.

7. Male-responsive services will improve addiction treatment outcomes.

8. Effective treatment of male trauma will help to interrupt cycles of violence, abuse, neglect, and addiction.

The following individuals arrived at consensus on the Eight Points of Agreement as part of the Summit:

1. Miles Adcox, Onsite

2. Jacquie Wheeler, Jaywalker Lodge

3. Mike Barnes, Ph.D., CeDAR

4. Richard Bebout, Ph.D., Community Connections

5. Allen Berger, Ph.D.

6. Lou Cox, Ph.D.

7. Judy Crane, The Refuge-A Healing Place

8. Richard Dauer, River Ridge Treatment Center

9. Tian Dayton, Ph.D.

10. Teresa Descilo, Trauma Resolution Center

11. Eduardo Duran, Ph.D.

12. Norma Finkelstein, Ph.D., Institute for Health and Recovery

13. William Ford, Ph.D., C4 Recovery Solutions

14. Rawly Glass, The Bridge to Recovery

15. Dan Griffin, Griffin Recovery Enterprises, Inc. & Males for Trauma Recovery

16. William Pollack, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

17. David Powell, Ph.D., International Center for Health Concerns

18. Pat Risser, Males for Trauma Recovery

19. Jaime Romo, Ed.D., Males for Trauma Recovery

20. Cheryl Sharp, The National Council for Behavioral Health

21. Dr. Brian Sims, M.D., Psychiatrist, Correctional Mental Health Services

22. David Washington, Males for Trauma Recovery

23. Rob Weiss, Elements Behavioral Health

Donnie Hagenbart

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