Month: December 2020

Why Do I Keep Slipping?


For many alcoholics and addicts, finding recovery is a desperately needed relief. Yet even for those of us who are desperate, sticking with recovery isn’t always a linear journey. Like everything in life, there will be ups and downs, good times, and rough times. Some days will be easier than others. These are the natural rhythms of life, not just recovery.  For some alcoholics and addicts, making it in long-term recovery can be difficult. The reasons for this are many, and they are deeply personal. For some of us, relapse is a part of our story. Whether we slip once or a dozen times, relapse is common. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Relapse happens, but it isn’t necessary. The good news here is that no matter how many times you have slipped, as long as you are alive you have the chance to get hold of lasting,…

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Maintaining Friendships in Recovery


Entering recovery can be an exciting time, as we finally find help for our deadly disease and begin to feel hope again. It can also be a time of overwhelming change. So much of our previous lives that were lived in the disease will begin to fall away, and we will likely want to distance ourselves from much of our past life to secure a safe and thriving life in recovery. This can be a challenging process to navigate through, as we so often rely on friends to help us through times like these. But some of the friendships we had before might not be the healthiest thing for us — yet we likely don’t know many people in recovery as closely as we do our old buddies and close companions. This can make the transition into recovery a little scary or even lonely. There are several things we can…

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We Believe #6: The Opportunity and Responsibility To Make a Positive Impact


Here at Jaywalker Lodge, we aren’t operating from some list of corporate directives. We set out every day to honor and fulfill our core values. This list — the real heart of Jaywalker Lodge — is firmly based on the 12-Step program of recovery and our reliance upon a higher power. We aren’t shy about spirituality here. We take recovery very seriously, and we have a blast doing it. Nothing could be more meaningful to us than taking the spiritual principles of recovery and letting them guide us in everything we do here. We’ve got the 12-Steps deep at our core and from those have sprung the 12 We Believe statements that are the very soul of Jaywalker Lodge. We let these statements set the bar, offer us guidance, and inspire us every single day, with every single action and decision. We don’t do what we do because we have…

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Men’s Issues: Doing The Right Thing


At Jaywalker Lodge, we help men overcome the hurdles preventing them from achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety. This means that we have firsthand knowledge of the issues that plague men on their journeys to recovery. We see it all, and we’ve dealt with a lot of it ourselves. The reasons behind chronic relapse and difficulty embracing the program of recovery are many, and they are unique to each man. However, just like we all have the same disease of alcoholism and addiction, there are many common problems we deal with as well — problems that pretty much all men can relate to. That is why we are taking the time to explore men’s issues. Today we are talking about doing the right thing. Let’s acknowledge the vagueness here: the “right thing” may look different from man to man, and what’s right is sometimes dependent on the details of a given…

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What Is the Most Important Part of My Recovery?

12 steps

For alcoholics and addicts in recovery, whether they are brand new or already familiar with the 12-Step program and lifestyle, this is a fairly common question. After all, recovery is a new way of life and considerable experience. There are many facets and moving parts, and each one holds much to teach us. The longer we live the 12-Steps, the more we find to learn and explore. There is so much that becomes open to us as we journey in recovery. The possibilities are practically limitless, just like our future in recovery. But with so many wonderful and rewarding practices, what is the most essential part of our healing? Is There Just One Important Thing? Everyone seems to have a different answer when asked about the most important part of recovery — partly because we excel at or gravitate toward different things as individuals. Some will dive deep into meditation,…

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Outside Issues: Addictive Behaviors


Not every addiction seems as immediately troubling as substance addiction, yet they are not always as innocuous or harmless as one might believe. Indeed, many actions and behaviors can prove to be as addictive and destructive as alcoholism or drug addiction. For those of us who suffer from alcoholism or addiction and are working a recovery program, it may be easier for us to spot the other behaviors and patterns that fall in line with our own disease. But it isn’t always so easy to see — sometimes the disease can disguise itself. Straightforward alcoholism and drug addiction are fairly easy to spot, even if they may be hard to admit to. Luckily, we have the 12-Step program of action to help us find freedom and recovery from our disease. But what about our other destructive, or even addictive, behaviors? Is it possible that while we are working a 12-Step…

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