Month: September 2020

Persistent Anxiety in Treatment and Recovery


Anxiety is an increasingly common mental health issue, but there is still much to be learned about how it affects people. Because symptoms can vary so widely, it leads to a lot of misunderstanding or improper handling of anxiety and anxiety-related issues. Anxiety is especially common among alcoholics and addicts. About 20 percent of people with social anxiety are also dependent on alcohol. Strangely enough, alcohol and substance abuse can actually produce anxiety or anxiety-like reactions in people. This all muddies the water to true understanding of this mental health issue, but there is more evidence linking alcoholism, addiction, and anxiety then there is separating them. Alcoholism and drug addiction can often aggravate or worsen anxiety or any other mental or emotional health issues that are already present. Our experiences in active alcoholism and addiction can even create mental and emotional health issues through trauma or other causes. The similarities…

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The Importance of Happiness

importance of happiness

Happiness is a word that means different things to different people. Happiness as an idea sounds outright hokey to a lot of people — particularly with alcoholics and addicts, many of whom have suffered in ways that are far from trivial. For most of us who suffer from the disease, our best memories of happiness are from before we ever took a drink or a drug. After the way things have gone since, the things we’ve done, and what has happened to us, happiness may not seem like it’s in the cards for us. It certainly isn’t a priority. Boy, do I have good news for you! Happiness in large enough amounts to produce real and enduring joy is practically the whole point of recovery at Jaywalker Lodge — well, that and being of service to others and having a meaningful relationship with your higher power. But happiness is certainly…

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What Can I Do When I Feel Overwhelmed?

Coping When Overwhelmed

In these strange and scary times, it’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed. We alcoholics and addicts are sensitive people for the most part, often prone to anxiety, depression, and panic. When the world has been turned upside down for pretty much everyone, it’s no wonder that our emotions are all over the place. Over the last several months, much of our day-to-day stability and routine has been turned on its head. When things are this disrupted, it can be normal to feel like we’re overwhelmed. We don’t have our usual stand-bys and routines as readily available to help us get right and get rooted. But as always, the program of recovery and the experience of people who are staying in recovery through similar events can provide some useful tips. So, how do we stay safe and protect our recovery when we feel overwhelmed? Remember to Breathe Of course, we…

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Action, Action, and More Action!

Taking Action During Recovery

Continuous action is near-impossible for anyone, but consistent action is an attainable goal for anyone who is willing to take things slow and steady. For alcoholics and addicts, we must stay vigilant against relapse in order to maintain our lives in recovery. Luckily for us, the things we do to prevent a slip are also the things that help us grow, experience life more fully, and feel more joy. It’s very much a win-win situation for alcoholics and addicts who remain willing to engage in the 12-Step program of recovery at Jaywalker Lodge. But make no bones about it, it does require action. Actions Speak Louder Than Words The types of action required vary depending on which of the 12-Steps we’re on with our sponsor or where we’re trying to grow in our life. Sometimes the action we need to take is to meditate, sometimes it’s to write a thorough…

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The Effects of Activity in Treatment and Recovery

Healthy Lifestyle

When we think of what treatment looks like for alcoholism and addiction, we typically picture a lot of sitting. Perhaps sitting in a 12-Step meeting, sitting with a therapist, or sitting in group counseling. Even if we picture someone well into their recovery going back to work, they are also likely to be sitting. It’s true — people in all walks of life typically remain seated while they are reading, writing, eating, and many other activities. In our society, many people have held sedentary jobs for the last 70 years. Here at Jaywalker Lodge, we still do our reading, writing, group meetings, and meals while seated. But we also take learning, healing, therapy, and community spaces outside — or at the very least, get them up on their feet. Active Engagement Is Critical We believe that not only is activity itself an important part of recovery, but encouraging active and…

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Cutting Through the Fog

Clarity during Recovery

Once we are freed from active alcoholism and addiction, we often feel a new clarity and vibrancy come over us. No longer beholden to our disease, we see the world a lot more clearly after working our 12-Steps and becoming a member of the recovery community at Jaywalker Lodge. We find inner peace no longer a stranger, we are able to think more clearly, and our emotions are steadier and less volatile. Yet, just like waves, our emotions sometimes come and go, and that newfound sense of clarity may not always be with us. Sometimes we can get overcome by fatigue and a “fog” settles over the new pair of glasses through which we see our life in recovery. Perhaps we let ourselves get complacent, as we misplace our gratitude for the wonderful things in our life. We get used to them, and forget the days when we prayed for…

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How Can I Find Willingness?

Willingness to Recover

For alcoholics and addicts in recovery, whether they are new or long-timers, there are always new things to discover, explore, and learn. When we were active in our disease it is likely — for many of us at least — that we didn’t do a lot of growing or progressing. For many of us, the disease was in full control, and much of the progress we made was destructive. Now that we have found recovery, we can change direction. Jaywalker Lodge and the 12-Step program offer us countless opportunities to learn about ourselves, our disease, life, the world, and most importantly, our recovery. We can do things we never thought possible and have experiences that we never believed we could. The immense potential to live a fulfilling and joyful life in recovery abounds — and it is all made possible by willingness. This concept is new to most of us…

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Being There for the People in our Lives

Recovery Support

Everybody needs somebody. Life is not only better shared with the people we love, but we all go through times in our lives when we need other people, whether it’s just for support, a kind word, or a long hug. People helping people is some of the most incredible and powerful stuff of life. For those of us who have suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction, reciprocal relationships with people can be complicated. Either we need so much help that we feel like a burden, or we so loathe the idea of needing and asking for help that we avoid people as much as we can. We either feel like we don’t have anything to offer and can’t help anybody, or we try to force our “help” in ways that cause conflict. Needing people and being needed by people can be a scary, messy, and confusing part of life for…

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Remaining Professionally Adaptable


Any professional organization that deals with the health, wellness, and healing of individuals and communities must remain alert, educated, and adaptable. While the primary and most effective treatments for alcoholism and addiction remain founded in the 12-Step program model of recovery, there are always new ways to approach people with this solution. However, it is not always that simple.  In the fields of mental health, emotional wellness, and trauma healing, there seem to always be new methodologies, new approaches for care, and new scientific information. Because of how these areas impact the overall health of a person and how they intertwine with the effectiveness of 12-Step programs, it is imperative to remain not only adaptable, but informed enough to adapt properly.  The Jaywalker Difference Luckily for those who come to Jaywalker Lodge, helping people recover isn’t just our job. It is our singular passion and our deepest calling. Every member…

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Staying Focused, Yet Flexible


Sometimes what we planned for doesn’t always work out the way we thought it would. It’s important to be flexible with your routine. Call (866) 529-9255.

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