Month: August 2019

Service at Mission Wolf

On the surface, sending a group of newly sober men to spend time with wolves, camp, and use power-tools probably does not seem like the smartest idea. Wolves, like addicts, are big, bad, and scary! They are not to be trusted! Especially with power tools! But, this is exactly where I spent the last 4 days and my experience could not have been more peaceful or rewarding. Mission Wolf is a non-profit, educational wolf sanctuary in the remote mountains of Southwest Colorado. It is run largely by volunteers and focus on sustainability, operate on solar power, and build with recycled materials. They focus on connecting people with nature through hands-on experiential education; they believe the best way to build empathy and understanding is through experience. Mission Wolf is home to over twenty wolves or wolf-dog mixes. Because of the wolf content, they are not able to be adopted or released…

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