Month: February 2019

2019 Shrine Hut Adventure

In late January of 2019 Jaywalker Lodge clients embarked on the winter Hut trip.  I had high hopes that the clients would be able to strengthen their group ties, foster willingness to work collectively, be vulnerable with each other, and have fun sober.  We left the comfy confines of the Lodge and were greeted with strong winds, frigid temperatures, and gray skies at the Vail Summit. We quickly strapped snowshoes to our feet, threw 35-40lb bags on our backs, and a few generous clients strapped 50lb. supply sleds to their waste.   Simultaneously, 13 dudes experienced something new…backcountry winter at 11,000 feet.  It felt awkward, difficult, foreign, and exciting.  The illusion of control was instantaneously stripped from us.  We formed a single file line and ploughed a trail into the backcountry with goal of reaching the hut.  It took nearly two hours of team work to arrive at our destination.  The feelings of joy and relief were palpable.  We made…

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Trauma Integrated Care

Historically speaking, addiction treatment, mental health services, and trauma care  have been provided in a sequential (one after the other) process.  The old philosophy dictated that providers needed to determine the “primary” diagnosis and treat that first before moving on to other, less acute, issues. Thankfully, the field is starting to recognize that trauma, mental health, and addiction need to be treated in an integrated process.   At Jaywalker Lodge we believe that unresolved trauma creates significant, unique challenges to long-term recovery and must be treated in a holistic, integrated way. We call this a “trauma integrated model” that serves to address all the underlying challenges that create road blocks to successful recovery.  Listed below are the philosophies, goals, and core components of the model.   Philosophy: Unresolved trauma creates road blocks (stuck places) to an authentic recovery journey and inhibits the effectiveness of addiction treatment. Trauma resolution and addiction treatment should take place in an integrated process….

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Sunday Shred Day

All of our alumni love to shred so why not set aside a day to do it together. The tradition of Sunday Shred Day is alive and well. Sunday Shred Day is a new routine that is quickly gaining traction in our alumni community. We start every Sunday out with an option to go to the local Sunday morning meditation meeting. It’s a great way to start the day and get centered before the copious amounts of shred that the day brings. After the meeting we caravan to the mountain and let the fun begin! If you haven’t been, join us.