Month: June 2018

Roundtable with The Surgeon General: Aspen, CO

The other night I had the opportunity to sit at a closed round table discussion with the United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams and share ideas with him about treating the opioid epidemic in our country. There were 18 individuals sitting in on the discussion whom all work in the healthcare industry and have experience with the opioid crisis our nation is facing. We introduced ourselves and then shared a bit about our best practices and also what may not be working so well. I got to share about my belief in a strong continuum of care and the need to have that continuum available to all levels of income, not just to the wealthy because they can afford it. I also shared my disagreement with treating opioid addiction with Suboxone and the need to educate physicians on the reality of the addictive qualities and behavior involved with Suboxone….

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Solutions Service Trip: Pine Ridge

The Solutions participants traveled to Pine Ridge, South Dakota, to volunteer on Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation.  Our group makes this trip twice per year to partner with a non-profit organization called Re-Member.   The Pine Ridge Reservation spans over 2.8 million acres and is the second largest Native American Indian Reservation, yet in one of the poorest counties of the United States. Volunteers can be shocked to see the harsh, third-world living conditions on the reservations.  It is a culture of poverty like a “Prairie Ghetto.” The population has the second lowest-life expectancy in the Western Hemisphere coupled with staggering high rates of diabetes, alcoholism and suicide. It is common to find homes overcrowded with extended families.  Such overcrowding leads to a shortage of beds and mattresses, leaving children to sleep on the floor. Many homes lack running water, functional bathrooms, or kitchens.  The non-profit, Re-Member, recognizes a need for adequate…

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Live Fearless: Dave Krimstock

We could not me more proud of Dave K. chasing his recovery and in his personal accomplishments. Jaywalker men are lucky to have you. This video was shot by Tobin Sanson, son of Expedition Director Lynn Sanson. Take a minute to check this out! Live Fearless: Dave Krimstock Thank you Dave and Tobin for the monumental effort to share the experience, strength and hope, of recovery.  This is truly a gift for all of us to watch!