Month: April 2018

Jon Lencioni – Alumni Coordinator

We would like to announce the addition of Jon Lencioni to the Jaywalker team, as Alumni Coordinator.  Jon’s ability to lead and understand the Jaywalker community is unapparelled and we are thrilled to have him in this position. Jon grew up in Menlo Park, Ca. Being outside playing sports was always his passion. At an early age, Jon started “experimenting” with drugs and alcohol which soon turned in to a full-blown addiction. This caused his pursuit of his passion for the outdoors and sports to fade. After high school, Jon took some time away from education and his addiction only worsened.  In 2009, Jon went back to school and attended a local community college in the Bay Area. He then transferred to San Diego State University where he pursued a degree in Entrepreneurship. It was in San Diego that his use caught up with his. He knew he had no…

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Trauma Informed Care

Trauma informed care is something we take very seriously at Jaywalker Lodge, and we’re happy to announce that our trauma programing now includes a separate break out group for all clients engaged in our trauma track.  Along with in-depth assessment and individual trauma specific counseling, clients in the trauma program will now be participating in a weekly trauma and grief group session.  Jaywalker Lodge trauma specialist Amy Vespa had this to say about the new offering: “Community has always been at the heart of the Jaywalker philosophy. This group allows for education, healing, and normalization of the trauma resolution process in a peer driven setting.  It fits perfectly within the Jaywalker model and has added a great element to the trauma program”.  At Jaywalker we believe that effective addiction treatment must include support for clients that suffer from unresolved trauma, and we believe this new group enhances our ability to…

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