Meet the Jaywalker Lodge Team

Annual Xmas Photo - Jaywalker Lodge StaffAt Jaywalker Lodge, we believe every staff member has the opportunity and the responsibility to make a direct and positive impact on our residents’ treatment experience. We further believe that a happy and healthy workplace for our staff is essential to foster a healing environment for our residents.

Jaywalker Lodge adheres to a whole-person approach to addiction treatment, directed by a multi-disciplinary team of substance abuse and health professionals. All clinical and administrative staff at Jaywalker Lodge have extensive experience in the field of residential addiction treatment and rehab; many are grateful participants in their own recovery from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction.

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Each team member has a biographical page where you can learn more about who they are and what they do.

Jaywalker Directors

Bob Ferguson
Founder & Director

Jeff Kremer, MS, LAC
Executive Director

Dirk Eldredge
Chief Recovery Officer

Lynn Sanson
Expeditions Director

Michael Goerne
Director of Operations

Lois Porcelain, CACIII, LADC
Lodge Program Director

Solutions Program Director

Dr. Alan Nelson, MD
Medical Director

Jaywalker Clinical Staff

Kim Nuzzo, CACIII
Senior Lodge Counselor

Jacquie Wheeler, MA, LPC, CACIII
Senior Solutions Counselor

Marny Nedlin, PhD

Art Kleinschmidt, CACII
Lodge Program Counselor

Brendon Kerton, MA
Landing Program Supervisor

Janet DeMars, MS, LADC, CAC-II
Solutions Counselor

Jaywalker Residential Staff

Alex Colins
Lodge Residential Manager

Donnie Hagenbart
Jaywalker U Coordinator

Cary Pew
Solutions Coordinator

Ed Milos
Residential Tech

Greg Benton
Residential Tech

Briton Bingham
Residential Tech

Sam Goff
Residential Tech

Kevin Wilson
Residential Tech

Ben Goddard
Residential Tech

Jaywalker Administrative Staff

Kortney Hartman
Operations Manager

Natalyn Cumings
Office Manager

John Schneier
Director of Outreach Services & Alumni Relations

Patrick Shaffer
Director of Admissions & Business Development

Brian Trom
Executive Chef

Rocky Willcuts
Facilities Manager

Penny Brown
Administrative Coordinator

Adam Mink
Coffee Shop Manager

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