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CTL: Crisis Text Line

Parents know that texting is probably the best way to communicate with kids.  Sometimes it is the only way to communicate.  Crisis Text Line (CTL) serves young people during a time of crisis, any type of crisis.  Access is available right at their fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week. CTL utilizes the most common form of communication by adolescents to connect and help. Here is how it works: A teen texts into CTL anywhere, anytime. A live, trained specialist receives the text and responds quickly. The specialist helps the teen stay safe and healthy with effective, secure counseling and referrals through text message using CTL’s platform. Please visit the Crisis Text Line here. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

Collegiate Recreation Centers

A 2013 survey by Nirsa: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation reports that 92 schools are planning on building elite recreation centers:  water theme parks and lazy rivers.  Recreation center users are evolving from sweat drenched body builders and athletes to students who are looking for a new social arena.  The new recreation centers are instrumental in marketing and retention, especially in the less elite universities.  Purdue and Michigan State report that students’ use of the gym has a positive correlation academically.  The theme parks are attractive and function similarly to grocery store marketing–get customers through the door and they will buy something.  Once you get a student to a rec center, they may start working out or join a fitness class. Themed recreation centers are becoming the social axis of many campuses. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

Aspen Filmfest

The 35th Annual Aspen Filmfest started last weekend and will be running through October 1st.  Documentaries will be showing in both Carbondale and Aspen. Tickets are available at the Wheeler Box Office in Aspen and Boomerang Coffee Company in Carbondale. For more information, check out the film fest website at aspenfilm.org. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

JWU Multi-pitch Climb

Recently JWU spent the day with Johann Aberger and two other expert rock climbing guides for what I thought was to be a short jaunt up Petit Blue.  The jaunt was indeed short, but the climb was long and challenging.  The focus of this outing was to face fear and move through it with courage, and for me, trust in our guide, Amos,  to whom I was attached with a climbing rope for three hours.  I have rocked climbed in the past, but past experiences did little to prepare me for the climb up Petit Blue.  It was a multi-pitch climb in which my climbing partner, Matt, was connected to me equal distance as I was to our guide.  When I use the term multi-pitch, I am using it lightly.  I did not count the number of pitches, but suffice it to say that a dozen would be an understatement.  Fear…

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Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month and has been designated as such for over 25 years.  According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, 1 in 12 adults struggled with addiction during the last year and 1 in 5 had a mental illness.  The theme for this year is “Join the Voices for Recovery:  Speak up, Reach out.”   Recovery is a reality if a person reaches out for help.   The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) organization certifies thousands of individuals each year as Mental Health First Aiders.  The goals of MHFA are to help people who are developing a mental illness or who are in a crisis.  Additionally, the program is designed to decrease the stigma of mental illness and increase knowledge. Encourage friends and family members to speak up and speak out about the hope of recovery. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

Community Suicide Prevention Training

The Aspen Hope Center is offering free Community Suicide Prevention Training.  To sign up, please call 970-925-5858.  The training dates and locations are as follows: – Tuesday, 9/9:  Carbondale Library, 6:00-7:30pm – Tuesday, 9/16: Christian Science Society House in Aspen, 6:00-7:30pm – Tuesday, 9/23: Snowmass Chapel in Snowmass Village, 6:00-7:30pm – Tuesday, 9/30: El Jebel Fire Station in Basalt, 5:30-7:00pm Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

College Majors

Every semester the Jaywalker U students are asked to write about their potential majors and some of the jobs that they could have when they graduate. Business, Art, History, and Science were among the majors that our students are pursuing. In the past the Jaywalker U students have picked a degree because it sounded nice and they thought this was the path picked out for them. Now, the students are choosing degrees that they are most passionate about. The students are coming to realize that the more passionate they are about something, the more effort they are willing to put forth. Once again, the Jaywalker U students are proving to us that recovery and college are possible. Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

29 Years

Jaywalker U Program Director, Janet DeMars, celebrated 29 years of sobriety yesterday! Janet has been with Jaywalker U for two years now and has been a tremendous help to the students as well as myself. Along with working individually with the Jaywalker U students, Janet also counsels students at Colorado Mountain College. After moving to Carbondale from Minnesota Janet rekindled her love for the outdoors. She picked up mountain biking and road bike riding the day she got here. Recently, she started racing road bikes across the state of Colorado. Last month she participated in a 100 mile road bike ride and rumor has she will be entering another one next month. Congratulations Janet and thank you for everything you do! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U


Ride CMC – Fall 2014 Shuttle Schedule RIDE CMC is a shuttle service operating Monday – Thursday between CMC-Spring Valley, Thunder River Market (RFTA connection), CMC-Glenwood and CMC-Carbondale providing free transportation to classes for students. CMC student ID required to ride (or photo ID plus your class schedule) For information call 947-8200 Morning Route (Mon-Thurs) CMC Spring Valley CMC Glenwood CMC Carbondale Thunder River Market CMC Spring Valley 7:10 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:05 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:05 9:30 9:45 9:55 10:30  10:45 11:00 11:15 11:50 12:05p 12:20p 12:35p  Afternoon Route (Mon-Thurs) CMC Spring Valley Thunder River Market CMC Carbondale CMC Glenwood Thunder River Market CMC Spring Valley 3:00 3:15  3:30  3:55  4:10  4:20 4:30 4:45  5:00  5:25  5:40  5:55 8:30 8:45  9:00  9:25  9:40  9:55 Stop locations (Look for RIDE CMC sign) CMC-Spring Valley – front of Calaway Academic Building CMC-Glenwood – west side of GW Center CMC-Carbondale – front…

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2014 JWU Fall Orientation

Every semester the Jaywalker U students embark on a team-building/transformational trip where they not only work on themselves but also bond with their peers. For the second year in a row the Jaywalker U men headed to Steamboat Springs to explore their inner selves, get to know their peers, and spend some time relaxing and playing before starting the fall semester. We started the trip on Monday at Rabbit Ears Pass with local Carbondale life coach, Johann Aberger, for a day of hiking, climbing, team-building, and personal transformation. Throughout the day the students spent time looking at who they are and who they want to become all the while maintaining the principles of recovery and living a day at a time. At day’s end, Johann challenged everyone to look at their values, their passions, and to write a life purpose statement. After returning from the day with Johann, the guys…

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