How Can I Stay Connected in Times Like These?

Staying Connected

There’s no doubting that times are strange, and even sometimes scary for everyone. Whether in or out of recovery, the world definitely feels upside down right now. People feel separated and apart from each other in ways they’ve never experienced before. It can be an especially trying time for those in recovery. We can’t get to meetings, our coffee shop fellowship, or even do step work face-to-face. If you are an addict with a tendency to relapse in the past despite an honest desire to recover – what we here at Jaywalker Lodge refer to as a Jaywalker (based on the “Jaywalker Parable” from Alcoholics Anonymous) – the isolation we are all facing today may feel even more challenging. Jaywalkers are addicts who, after a treatment experience, know all the right things to say but continue to make self-destructive decisions. They are the ones who had a taste of what…

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Life on Two Wheels

Looking back at my past, I have always had a fascination for motorcycles and life on two wheels. My pops has been riding motorcycles ever since he was a teenager and would tell me stories of all the joy and dangers of riding. He was very wise to explain the differences of dirt riding and road riding. At a young age I learned how much joy motorcycling could bring me as long as I learned how to ride safely. He shared his knowledge and experience with me as to how he has been able to enjoy riding most of his life. When I was ten years old, my pops took me on a week long road trip to New Mexico from California. We trailered three motorcycles with us. His cruiser, his dirt bike, and a child sized dirt bike that we had borrowed for me to ride. I thought I…

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Clinical Director Announcement

CARBONDALE, CO – Jaywalker Lodge, a leading provider of addiction recovery services for men, is excited to announce that Kelsey Huberty has been promoted to the position of Clinical Director. In her new role, Kelsey will oversee the clinical operations of the Landing, Lodge, and Solutionsprograms; and will report directly to Jaywalker’s Chief Clinical Officer, Stefan Bate.  “Kelsey’s expertise with program development, administrative operations, and staff development make her an outstanding addition to our clinical leadership. I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring her talent and dedication to the leadership team at Jaywalker.”In her new post, Kelsey will be utilizing her extensive experience as a clinician and a program administrator.  Kelsey received her master’s degree in addiction counseling from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies and has worked as a counselor and program manager for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Northbound Treatment Services respectively.  Prior to joining the Jaywalker team last October, Kelsey served as…

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2019 Shrine Hut Adventure

In late January of 2019 Jaywalker Lodge clients embarked on the winter Hut trip.  I had high hopes that the clients would be able to strengthen their group ties, foster willingness to work collectively, be vulnerable with each other, and have fun sober.  We left the comfy confines of the Lodge and were greeted with strong winds, frigid temperatures, and gray skies at the Vail Summit. We quickly strapped snowshoes to our feet, threw 35-40lb bags on our backs, and a few generous clients strapped 50lb. supply sleds to their waste.   Simultaneously, 13 dudes experienced something new…backcountry winter at 11,000 feet.  It felt awkward, difficult, foreign, and exciting.  The illusion of control was instantaneously stripped from us.  We formed a single file line and ploughed a trail into the backcountry with goal of reaching the hut.  It took nearly two hours of team work to arrive at our destination.  The feelings of joy and relief were palpable.  We made…

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Results from “Anything is Possible” 5K

The first annual Jaywalker Lodge “Anything is Possible” 5k run took place this Saturday, July 16th.  The purpose of the run was to raise money for our Alumni Program, and drew over 50 runners.  The course featured beautiful, local scenery as well as a climb up to St. Mary’s Church.  One of our motto’s at Jaywalker Lodge is “Work Hard, Play Hard” and those who participated definitely pushed themselves while having fun.  This community event also included YouthEntity for their Lemonade Day and The Aspen Strong Foundation, which are both collaborative partners here in the Valley.  Last but not least, we want to like give thanks to our awesome volunteers who helped make this race possible. We are looking forward to an even bigger better event next year! Here are some timing race results from the race: Male Winners:                                      Female Winners: Wesley S. 21:08                …

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Rocky Turns 10

Happy 10th Birthday Rocky!! Rocky, though you like to fly under the lights of recognition, we must congratulate you! What you mean to Jaywalker Lodge can not be put into words, you are the very fabric that binds us together. Please take a moment Rocky and reflect on all that you bring to this world each and every day. We Love You and want to all collectively give you a Birthday Hug! Dirk

Boomerang Open Mic

Every 3rd Thursday of the month Boomerang Coffee Company puts on an Open Mic Night for the Carbondale Community. The next Open Mic Night is scheduled for April 16th from 7pm-10pm. Come enjoy live music, poetry, and Boomerangs full service coffee bar. We hope to see you there! Donnie Hagenbart Admissions & Marketing Manager Jaywalker Lodge

Revised Ride CMC Schedule

Ride CMC – Spring 2015 Shuttle Schedule, Revised 2/23/15 RIDE CMC is a shuttle service operating Monday – Thursday between CMC-Spring Valley, Thunder River Market (RFTA connection), CMC-Glenwood and CMC-Carbondale providing free transportation to classes for students. CMC student ID required to ride (or photo ID plus your class schedule) For information call 947-8200 Morning Route (Mon-Thurs) CMC Spring Valley CMC Glenwood CMC Carbondale Thunder River Market CMC Glenwood CMC Spring Valley 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:05 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:05 9:30 9:45 9:55 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:50 12:05p 12:30p 12:55p Afternoon Route (Mon-Thurs) CMC Spring Valley Thunder River Market CMC Glenwood CMC Carbondale CMC Glenwood Thunder River Market CMC Spring Valley 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:55 4:10 4:20 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:20 5:35 5:40 5:45 6:20 6:40 6:50 M/W Only 9:25 9:45 10:05 10:20 10:30 T/Th Only 9:10 9:35 9:50 10:05 10:15 Stop locations (Look for RIDE CMC sign) CMC-Spring…

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Green is the New Black

The past Friday, March 13th and Saturday, March 14th, Carbondale Community Arts and Humanities (CCAH) produced their 7th Annual Green is the New Black Fashion Show.  Their theme this year was: Underground. The performance was full of locals, performance art, inspiring sustainable fashion and a storyline to boot, this show isn’t just entertaining– it was about raising money to educate our youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. While the show and its designers created a lot of buzz, the sole purpose of this show is to make Arts education more accessible for youth in our community. The show took place at the Carbondale Recreation Center, but they were able to transform this space into a spectacular, city-esque, fashion runway.  Green is the New Black has sold out five of the last six years, and this year was no exception.  The show was standing room only, with all 500 seats being…

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Congrats Kevin

Currently my record against Kevin in “Trivia Crack” is 6 and 6. It is important to note, however, that I won the last 4 games that we played against each other, in a row, and then Kevin quit playing the game all together… I am undefeated against Kevin’s mom. Kevin quit playing “Regular Crack” 3 years ago. This is a good thing. If you remember my last blog about Kevin, things were starting to get pretty weird… Did you know that one time Kevin fired a gun into the basement of his parent’s house because he thought that there were bad guys down there? Well, he did, and there weren’t any bad guys down there. Kevin then gifted that gun to his parents for Christmas. He wrapped it up, not in a box mind you, and placed it under the tree. He just left a gun, clear as day, wrapped…

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