Dan Reed, CAC II, LADC

Solutions Program Director

Dan is a recovering addict/alcoholic with over 21 years in sobriety.  He has worked in the field of substance abuse for many years in a variety of capacities. Dan trained at the Hazelden Foundation and subsequently worked there for a number of years in both primary and extended care programs. Dan also worked in Ireland at a small treatment center in the rural west of the country and to this day maintains contact with the gracious people he encountered there.

Dan has worked for Jaywalker Lodge for 6 years and is currently the Program Director of the Jaywalker Solutions program, a halfway house model with a heavy emphasis on service work.  He has spearheaded service expeditions to New Orleans to aid in Katrina reconstruction, to Iowa to aid in flood relief, to the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota to work with the impoverished Native American population, and to the Utah backcountry to aid in the preservation of pristine wilderness habitat.  Solutions clients are also heavily involved in local volunteer projects through Habitat for Humanity, the Aspen Homeless Coalition, Volunteer Outdoor Colorado, and Colorado Animal Rescue to name a few.

Dan is married with 2 daughters and feels blessed to be a part of the active lifestyle in the Roaring Fork Valley. His wife, Lois, is Program Director of the Jaywalker Lodge program and the two have been “trudging the road of happy destiny” together for over 20 years. Dan lives by the “Keep it Simple” mantra and believes that leading by example is the greatest gift one can offer a client seeking freedom from the bonds of addiction.


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